Monday, October 24, 2011

How to make a beaded ring

Step by step instructions to create a beautiful ring with Swarovski glass beads.

What you need to make this ring
This type of beaded ring is made using 4mm Swarovski crystal bicones, 4mm crystal beads and small seed beads.
To make the ring you can use thin transparent thread like the one used for fishing.
You may also use beading needles although they are not really necessary, I do most the rings using only the thread.

This ring is made in three steps:
In the first step you will create the base for the center piece of the ring.
The base is a kind of small grid made with the 4mm oval-shaped crystal beads.
To make this basic grid use a  transparent thread and insert 3 beads, then cross both ends of the thread accross a fourth bead. In the video below you will see how to do this step by step.
Repeat the process to complete the grid as explained in the following pattern.
In the scheme "inicio" indicates the start and "fin" the end

The second step will be to create the small flowers over the grid. Each crystal flower is made with 4 Swarovski bicones and a small seed bead.

You can combine colours to create effects like in the ring of the picture where I've combined silver and black beads. Look at the video to see how to make the flowers.

The last step for the Swarovski bead ring is to make a circle with the aproximate diameter of your finger to wear the ring.

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